Moving Mom 1999

Albuquerque, New Mexico to Portland, Oregon

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April 20 and 21



Big trucks and congested traffic, it's not just a North West experience. 

You don't need good light to see Lynn's smile.

The oh so lush and green vegetation of Albuquerque in springtime


The old homestead. Well, not really but I didn't get chance to go by grandpa's homestead so a picture of our only house in Albuquerque will have to do.

2418 Wyoming.

The purple iris were my grandmother's. Look for some of them soon in front of an Aloha home near you (yes, I asked the renters before I dug a couple of the bulbs out with a spoon).

Just a peek into the back yard and the corner where Tanya and I had many a fort and adventure.



A bit of a hike on the back of the Sandia Mountains -- Canyon Estates trail above Tijeras Canon.


See, Oregon has no monopoly on beautiful waterfalls. Although there is a bit of a difference in scale to some of ours . . .

The obligatory picture of Paul. No close-ups please.


Overlooking the Manzanos.

I couldn't fit the entire extent of the area impacted by this gravel and cement factory in the picture. 


Weathered and bent but still reaching for the light


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