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Fire and Forests

Paul Schroder

Biology 307, Fall `96

Sept. 10, 1996

Term Project Proposal

I will make a set of Webpages describing the first field trip. The field trip was on October 6th and focused on fire and forests of the Cascades. I will create a Webpage for each of the areas we stopped at. Each page will contain pictures I took on the trip, some basic information on the area, and a detailed description of the trees and other organisms we talked about in the area and how they relate to the pattern of species distribution in the Cascades. My explanation of the distribution of species will focus on how climate and disturbance history interact to produce the patterns we now see.

While I think the most useful part of the field trip was the explanation of how climate and disturbance history affect patterns of distribution of tree species, I will also spend considerable time describing identification of individual species. To create effective and useful Webpages for other Biology 307 students, and the general public, I will use a variety of techniques: I will use the 20 pictures I took on the trip in addition to other graphics to illustrate both the morphology of individual species and general concepts; transcribe my journal from the trip; create links to other relevant resources on the Internet; and present the information in a manor both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

I will put the Website on the Biology or Environmental Studies Website and promote it on the Internet so that it can continue to be a resource after this term. [an error occurred while processing this directive]





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