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Geography 323 - Gray Wolf
Geography 323 home page

Group Research Paper

Group Members

Melanie Lee Wadsworth
Erin Leslie Barnhart
Joseph Ty Vrudny
Owen Robert Smith
Paul Schroder--Life History

April 11 Research Paper Meeting

  • Carefully follow the citation format from either Ecology or Journal of Biogeography not both.
  • Other good sources of information:
    Conservation Biology
    American Naturalist
    Ecological Monographs
    Use on-line sources with care

  • Read the homework assignment

Latin name Canis lupus (CALU)
Length 90-150cm (+ tail 35-50 cm)
Life span8-16 years
Maximal speed60-70km/h
Territory100-10000 km2
Pregnacy63 days
   timber wolf
   grey wolf
   eastern timber wolf
   Rocky Mountain wolf
   buffalo wolf
   brown wolf

Canis lupus is in the order Carnivora and the class Mammala. Canis lupus is an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act.

There are 32 subspecies of wolf worldwide; 24 of these occur in North America. They are differentiated by size, weight, color, cranial measurements, and geographic location However, these characteristics vary within each subspecies. Also their ranges can overlap and interbreeding occurs. All 24 North American subspecies arelisted below. Those thought to be extinct are marked with an asterisk.

Canis lupus ssp. irremotus C.l. ssp. columbianus C.l. ssp. occidentalis C.l. ssp. lycaon C.l. ssp. nubilus * C.l. ssp. alces C.l. ssp. pambasileus C.l. ssp. tundrarum C.l. ssp. hudsonicus C.l. ssp. arctos C.l. ssp. orion C.l. ssp. labradorius C.l. ssp. beothucus * C.l. ssp. ligoni C.l. ssp. fuscus * C.l. ssp. crassodon C.l. ssp. youngi * C.l. ssp. mogollonensis * C.l. ssp. monstrabilis * C.l. ssp. baileyi C.l. ssp. bernardi C.l. ssp. mackenzii C.l. ssp. manningi C.l. ssp. griseoalbus

The wolf is threatened in Minnesota Alaskan and Canadian wolf populations are considered viable . The wolf is rare in Michigan's Upper Peninsula . In Montana the wolf is recolonizing areas around Glacier National Park and south towards Missoula. It has also been seen denning in isolated areas of northern Washington.

Cite: Forest Service

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